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Picket fence installed by a licensed C13 contractor.

How To Get Your C13 Fencing Contractors License in California

Discover the steps to obtain your C13 Fencing Contractors License in CA. Our comprehensive guide provides valuable insights & resources to start today.

Required Work Experience for the C13 Contractors License

To become eligible for a C13 Fencing Contractor License in California, you must meet specific requirements set by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). These include:

  • Being at least 18 years old.
  • Possessing a valid Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Accumulating a minimum of four years of journey-level experience in the fencing trade.

Does California Require a C13 Fencing Contractors License?

In California, a C13 contractor's license is mandatory for any company or individual charging $500 or more for labor and materials in fencing work. This requirement applies to contractors, subcontractors, specialty contractors, and those involved in home improvement. Obtaining a license is essential before submitting bids.

Responsibilities and Duties of Fencing Contractors

The roles and responsibilities of a fencing contractor can vary based on the project's scope and requirements. However, some common duties include:

  • Consultation and Planning: Meeting clients to understand their fencing needs across various applications such as chain-link, wood, vinyl, and ornamental fences, as well as installations for playgrounds, swimming pools, and game courts.
  • Estimation and Quoting: Providing accurate cost estimates for materials and labor required for different types of fences and gates.
  • Permits and Approvals:Ensuring all necessary permits are obtained for installing fences on residential, commercial, agricultural, and recreational properties.
  • Material Procurement: Sourcing high-quality materials specific to the type of fencing required.
  • Installation Overseeing or performing the installation of chain-link fences and gates, agricultural fences and gates, wood fences and gates, ornamental fences and gates, vinyl fences and gates, composite and laminate fences and gates, as well as those for playgrounds, swimming pools, game courts, and flagpole installations.
  • Quality Control:Ensuring all installations meet industry standards for durability and appearance.
  • Safety Compliance: Adhering to safety protocols during installation, especially for projects involving safety-sensitive areas like playgrounds and swimming pools.
  • Customer Service: Providing excellent service by addressing client concerns and preferences.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Offering maintenance services to prolong the lifespan of fences and gates.
  • Cleanup and Disposal: Removing debris and waste materials generated during installation to leave the site clean
Fencing contractor taking a picture of a chain link fence

Steps to Obtain Your C13 Fencing Contractors License Exam

Acquiring a C13 Fencing contractor's license involves several steps:

Step 1: Determine if you qualify to sit for the exams based on the state's requirements.

Step 2: Enroll in a course with Contractors Intelligence School.

Step 3: Establish a business entity and complete the state application

Step 4: Review the state's study guide and/or use study materials provided by Contractors Intelligence School.

Step 5: Schedule and pass all the required state examinations.

Step 6: Fulfill any final steps outlined by the CSLB.

Costs Associated with Obtaining the C13 Contractors License

The costs associated with obtaining a contractor's license typically include:

  • Business entity registration (if applicable). The fee for this registration can vary depending on the county or city. It's advisable to inquire about the specific dollar amount from the agency where you are registering your business.
  • CSLB fees. The Application for Original Contractor's License costs $450, and the Initial License Fee is $200 for Sole Ownership companies and $350 for non-sole-ownership companies.
  • School fees. If you choose to enroll in an exam preparation program, Contractors Intelligence charges between $295 and $495 for their most popular courses. Prices may differ with other schools.
  • Bonding. Upon passing the state exams and before being issued a C13 contractor's license, you must obtain a contractor's bond. On average, this bond costs $250 per year. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are also required to carry additional bonding, known as the LLC/worker bond, which is estimated to cost $2,000 per year.
  • Insurance. Your business may require two types of insurance: general liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance. General liability insurance is mandatory for LLCs applying for a contractor's license, while it's not required for the CSLB to issue a contractor's license number otherwise. Conversely, a C13 contractor's license cannot be granted until the company secures workers' compensation insurance or applies for an examination waiver if applicable. To understand the costs associated with these insurances, consulting a licensed insurance agent is advisable.
  • Livescan fingerprinting. When completing your livescan fingerprints, you will pay an estimated $75. This fee typically includes the Department of Justice (DOJ) fee, FBI fee, and the livescan location rolling fee.

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Transform your passion for fencing into a successful business venture. Take a leap of faith, invest in yourself, and witness every fence you construct becoming a symbol of your expertise and commitment. Begin your licensing journey with Contractors Intelligence School today by calling 800-425-7570. Your promising future in the fencing industry awaits.

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